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Olympus OM-D Trending Retro

The reaction from a wide range of photographers was overwhelmingly positive when the Olympus OM-D made its UK public debut.

Olympus Olympus
  • Classic, retro design
  • An all-new sensor and processor combination
  • Discrete and quiet

A classic, retro design hides cutting-edge performance in a body that delivers the same size and weight benefit over bulky alternatives as its film-based predecessor did 40 years ago. Barely larger than the PEN series on which the technology is based, the OM-D manages to cram in an electronic viewfinder that is so good you will forget you are using it – except it offers the major benefits of showing a ton of image information and control options if configured.

An all-new sensor and processor combination ratchet up the noise and dynamic range performance to levels that compare to the APS format, whilst maintaining the size and weight advantage of the Micro Four Thirds system. Also new is a groundbreaking 5 axis image stabiliser built into the body that helps with stills and video. On top of all that, it’s weather proofed – something owners of the high end Olympus E-System cameras have been clamouring for.

Discrete and quiet enough to use for candids, the OM-D will go in a coat pocket but if you like to look the part there is a grip/battery pack combo that beefs up the appearance – it adds a chunky grip for those with fat fingers and doubles the battery life. Initial tests, including the first major one in What Digital Camera magazine, have been glowing but you have to hold it to experience it. Selected stockists now

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