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The Art Passport app takes users on a virtual tour of the world’s best exhibitions, offering 360-degree views and information on the artists and works – and now part of the highly successful premium international exhibition platform: GalleriesNow


ArtPassport is an app that uses high resolution images and VR technology to take users on panoramic tours of the world's leading art galleries.

In 2017 London based Brothers Tristram and Patrick Fetherstonhaugh ( the founders of online gallery guide GalleriesNow) set out to create an app that offers anyone, anywhere, access to first rate art and cultural experiences.

Of course there is nothing quite like visiting a gallery in the flesh but not everyone can fly to Paris, Milan or New York to see the latest exhibitions, so art passport is a way of making cultural experiences more accessible.

We love the immersive experience this app provides, one minute you are in the Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, and  the next you are in New York entering the Halsey Mckay Gallery. Unlike other virtual tour apps gallery passport doesn't just take you to the large public museums but also gives you a real insight into small private galleries and project spaces. The image quality makes Art Passport the best virtual gallery tour we have tried, and over lockdown we tried it a lot!

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