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DAISIE Creatives' Network – Join the Gang

Daisie is the creative networking app co-founded by a Game of Thrones lead actress: Maisie Williams.


Daisie allows users to build a profile showcasing their skills, the projects they’re working on and, crucially, to put the call out for other creatives to join them. Whether you are looking for a curator, videographer, graphic designer or actor, daisy allows you to create connections and push your ideas further.

Maisie set out to create an app that leveled the playing field in the creative industries. “What it is that gives us opportunities that other people don't have, is the connections,” explains Williams. “We want to give others those opportunities that we were so lucky and so grateful to get.”

This app is extremely clear and easy to use. You are able to set up a profile in minutes and immediately find people that you would like to work with. You choose what creative industries you are interested in, whether that be visual arts, Film, Literature, or Photography. You then enter your skills and expertise and Daisy customises your feed so you only see people working on projects that align with your interests.

Our favourite feature of this app is Question Time – where established Artists and Brands give advice to Daisy members and set them challenges to help them develop their creative skills and networks.

We love that Daisy makes knowing the right people a whole lot easier.

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