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STATE OF MIND Michaela Freeman

Michaela Freeman

Photographic Deconstruction

Rab Harling's exhibition at Lubomirov-Easton, A Delicate Sense of Terror, draws inspiration from the geometry inherent in the modernist architecture of Ernö Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower in East London.

  • By Michaela Freeman
  • Posted 23.06.2013
Photographic Deconstruction

Through this ongoing and ever evolving project Harling deconstructs and dissects, through time and space, the spatial parameters that this monolithic tower has occupied since its first tenants arrived in 1968.

Following photographic deconstruction, Harling reconstructs geometric trajectories on lightboxes and in sculptural installations, exposing form and processing function, transgressing far beyond mere representation. Through this process he attempts to witness a truth about the transient community of the tower’s collective consciousness.

Opening Fri 28 June 6-9.30pm

Exhibition Continues: 29 June - 20 July

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