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STATE Magazine Issue 05

Issue 05

January/February 2012

The Crest of a Wave

Drive inside the broadcasting range of Resonance104.4fm (limited to a 3km radius from their studio near London Bridge) and your radio might pick up some very unusual waves.

The Fine Art of the Tattoo

Tattooing the body is an ancient ritual that exists in almost all cultures. In more recent times, it was the Japanese who elevated drawing on skin to a high art,full of traditional and complex symbolism

Remembrance of Things Past

Walid Siti’s journey has been unlike that of many artists, with a poignant distance from his homeland, and often alone in his early days in London. 

Finding a Voice

In 2011, Ahmed Alsoudani’s vivid and violent canvases made the auction A-list and conquered the Venice Biennale. At his first London show, the Bagdad-born painter owned his debt to America – and why he likens his practice to knitting scarves.

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